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August 2017 Intuitive Forecast & Card Reading

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August 2017 Oracle Card Reading

Here are some insights for the month of August, beautiful soul. 

Think of this as your spiritual forecast <3 

If you are reading this, it's for you! It's what you need to see right now. 

In asking what MyMalas readers need to know for August, my pendulum chose the deck: Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine.

The card pulled: TWO OF EMOTION

Two Of Emotion


The TWO OF EMOTION card says:

"A relationship moves into a deeper, more meaningful phase. It may be romantic, or it could be a very close friendship. Feelings continue to grow, and the connection between those involved expands. This is a relationship that has a very powerful, spiritual connection. Relationships that don't feel harmonious at this time will heal, and you should continue to pursue them.

Mutual respect and understanding are present  Gifts may be exchanged, or long term professional partnerships may be formed. Misunderstandings will be resolved. Displays of great kindness and compassion are likely.

Additional meanings of this card: Falling in love. Very close friendships. The end of conflict. An unexpected gift. A powerful connection."


As this pertains to you, here's what I intuitively got for it's meaning....

This month is about deep connection.

Have you been feeling left out, excluded or craving more alone time? 

Have your relationships been rocky? 

This month is about a coming together, mending of fences and powerful growth when it comes to how you relate to others in your life.  

Love is the answer.

Wether it's your friends, family, work life or romantic life, approach each situation with love for all. 

When you come from a place of love, you attract it right back to you. 

Things will begin to fall into place easily with love. 

You will begin to easily attract, money, love, gifts, chance meetings and abundance as you approach each and every situation with love and kindness. 

It's coming right to you - just love. 

You will really get the clarity you need this month when it comes to who is who in your life. Just as seasons change and moon phases change, so do your relationships with others. Peace and resolution is here this month. 

Cherish all in your life and keep your eye out for new peeps as they will be blessings to you. 

Connect deeper with Spirit, with your friends, with your family, your lovers and yourself and everything will become easy and effortless

Your Love Bomb Mala will really aide you in your loving approach and help you to attract like a magnet all that is yours for the taking. 

Don't forget to show gratitude for what you have now as well as anything that pops up into your life this month. It will feel like miracles are all around you <3 

Wear your Love Bomb Mala wherever you go and let it's magic support your manifesting. 

Be a love magnet! 




-Let Magic Happen- 

With Loving Gratitude, 



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