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From Make it Happen TO: LET MAGIC HAPPEN


MyMalas Let Magic Happen

Can I just share with you some magic, beautiful soul?
Let's talk about: LET MAGIC HAPPEN. 

I used to be the "MAKE it HAPPEN" girl!

I wanted it and I went after it. I pushed and pushed and forced and if things didn't go my way, I got stressed out, frustrated, cried and broke down.

It was exhausting.

I would make it happen ... but it felt like I was always going uphill.

Can you relate? 

I got tired. I asked for help. 

I called in Angels, the Universe, crystals, the energy fields around us, and some awesome friends, to come in and help!

I started to realize I wasn't alone, I didn't have to work so hard myself. I worked on my manifesting skills instead.

I would put my orders in with the Universe as if it were my waiter, and I watched as my little orders got delivered. It would make me smile BIG!

It felt like ... MAGIC! 

I realized I needed to flow with the stream, not push up the hill.

I found my flow. I came to embrace the word ALLOW.

I began to allow things to be what they wanted to be. I allowed people to be who they wanted to be. I stopped fighting and pushing back. I started to "LET" things unfold as they should and worked with what I had been given. 

At the beginning of each year I choose a theme. This year, I wanted to create more MAGIC! But I wanted to remember that I didn't have to "make" it .. the magic is already there, I just had to allow for it to flow in to me ... and that's how I changed "make it happen" to ... 


It was later this year that I felt called to create these powerfully energetic mala beads to aid in that allowing and manifesting process for others. I practiced being mindful of "letting" MyMalas by LALA unfold as it wanted to :) 

I want you to experience the magic that life has to offer, everywhere, everyday. 

I invite you to join me and LET MAGIC HAPPEN to you <3 


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