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How to Choose the Mala Beads for You. Take the Quiz

Choosing Mala Beads Quiz

Not sure which MyMala by LALA mala bead necklace or which crystals are best suited for you??

... Take this quick and fun quiz to help you see what you most need right now :)

Quiz Instructions

*Use your intuition and go with the first answer you get for each questions (in other words, don't think too hard ;) )

*Record your answers.

*What you need will be revealed at the end!

Ready? Here we go ...

When you daydream, you mostly think about:

A. Success & wealth
B. Endless love
C. Being in nature
D. Feeling fulfilled

When you workout, you like to:

A. Lift weights
B. Work with a trainer or take a class
C. Do Yoga or Pilates
D. Go for a walk or run

You most aspire to be:

A. Strong
B. Loving
C. In flow
D. Self-aware

Right now, you mostly struggle with:

A. Making money doing what you love
B. Your relationships or love life
C. Self-criticism
D. Feeling purposeful

Which animal do you resonate with the most?

A. Shark
B. Dove
C. Turtle
D. Butterfly

When faced with a dilemma, you:

A. Get flustered
B. Shut down
C. “What-If” like crazy
D. Ask everyone else for their opinions

What could you use more of in your life right now?

A. Success
B. Love/Relationships
C. Tranquility
D. Clarity & Direction

Which music resonates with you the most?

A. Hip Hop/Pop
B. Love Songs
C. Spa/Yoga Music
D. Country Music

Your friends would describe you as:

A. Sassy
B. Giving
C. Energetic
D. Flighty

Which color resonates with you the most?

A. Black
B. Pink
C. White
D. Turquoise

You wish you could _______________ in your life.

A. Feel more grounded
B. Have more luck
C. Experience more ease
D. Be more certain

Woo hoo you did it!

*Now, add up your A's, B's, C's & D answers  




If you got mostly A's

Spiritual Boss Mala Beads
You need:

Mala Beads Description

If you got mostly B's

Attracting Love Mala Beads
You need:  



If you got mostly C's

Peace & Prosperity Mala Beads
You need:



If you got mostly D's

True Path Mala Beads

You need:

If you got a nice mix of A's B's C's & D's .... Get 'em all!! :)

Mala Beads Necklaces


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  • Marie on

    Namaste❤, I absolutely love your beautiful art. A stunning mala would make me feel protected and ready for what life throws at me. ❤

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