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How to Cleanse Your Crystals and Mala Beads

Crystals Magic Mala Beads

How to Cleanse Mala Beads


The original inspiration for creating MyMalas by LALA, our chic modern malas, was simply to create a beautiful way to wear magical healing crystals close to our hearts. The benefits of rose quartz, black onyx, howlite, and so many more are such a gift.

As with any crystals, they will attune to your energy. You set your intention for them and they carry the vibration. They can also absorb a lot of negative energy for you and that’s why we like to cleanse them from time to time to keep them in their optimal state.

Here are a few simple ways we like to cleanse our crystals and what we do to each MyMalas by LALA piece to ensure it comes to you fresh and magical.

Sunlight & Moonlight:

You’ll find that each particular crystal may favor one or the other, but I think it’s safe to say that a bath of sun or moonlight will make any crystal clear and high vibe! Full moons are the best, so leave your crystals in the window on these special nights.

Sea Salt:

Giving your crystals a little overnight sea salt bath will refresh them. Before you do this, check your specific rock as some, such as selenite, should not be submerged in water. We don’t use this method for our malas as we don’t want to damage the silk thread holding it together.


Creating a cloud of smoke by burning sage has long been a go-to way to cleanse anything of negative energy. You can simply go back and forth with lit sage over your crystals and malas. Sage can smell quite strong and as mentioned, creates a lot of smoke ...

Which brings me to our absolute favorite way of cleansing … 

Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge:

Before I tell you about this secret formula that we love love love. Let me tell you that after each MyMalas by LALA is created and knotted in meditation, it is then sprayed with Spirit Mist Smokless Smudge. Our customers always report this magical sensation when opening their malas and Spirit Mist helps to create that vibe.

Spirit Mist is a cleansing concoction even more powerful than saging.

It’s creator Rhonda Lee, has taken several essential oils, crystals and herbs, combined with Reiki energy to create the best alternative to a cloud of sage smoke. She calls it "positive energy in a bottle" and let me tell you … it is!

The smell lights up your nose! It is heaven!!



Spirit Mist Sage Spray

Here’s what’s in it:

Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge is a high vibrational tool used to cleanse and purify your sacred space with the convenience of a spray mist instead of traditional smoke. Essential oils, gemstones, herbs and ceremonial plants are super charged with Reiki, Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz and ORMUS to make this uplifting and potent smudge.

Essential oils:

Rosemary – uplifting properties, once considered to be a holy oil with mystical properties
Clary Sage – disperses negative energy, considered to be deeply spiritual
Cedarwood – purifying properties and emotionally calming


Cedar Needle Essence – promotes stress release
Reishi – highly revered in Asia, elevates the spirit, herb/mushroom of “spiritual potency”


Tigereye - protective, grounding, offers light to dark energies
Quartz Crystal - draws off negative energy, acts as an amplifier

Herbs and Ceremonial Plants:

White Sage – wisdom, purification, protection
Flat Cedar – clears negative emotions
Rosemary – offers clarity


ORMUS –mystical substance that connects spiritual and physical realms, clears the state of mind, super conductor that changes the energy field

Attuned to Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz which is the frequency of DNA repair, unconditional love and miracles

Penta water used as base.

Reiki charged

Not only do we spray each and every mala that we make and ship to you, but we use this mist in so many ways.

We spray it on:

Wallets & money
Angel Cards & Tarot Cards
Tax & other important documents
Inside the car
In all the corners of rooms

On anything that isn’t working

As each mala is completed and nestled in it’s pouch, it is sprayed with Spirit Mist accompanied by the prayer: “May the wearer of this mala receive many blessings.”


Now you know our secret and we are letting it out of the bag and sharing with you. To keep your Malas, crystals and space at optimal vibration, grab your bottle of Spirit Mist here. It also comes with a free clearing music MP3!

You can thank us later.


Check out my chat with Spirit Mist creator Rhonda Lee: 

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