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Intuitive Oracle Reading for July 2017

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July 2017 Oracle Card Reading

Here are some insights for the month of July, beautiful soul. 

Think of this as your spiritual forecast <3 

If you are reading this, it's for you! It's what you need to see right now. 

In asking what MyMalas readers need to know for July, I was called to pull from Collette Baron-Reid's The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards. 

The card pulled: MOVEMENT

Movement - The Enchanted Maps


The MOVEMENT card says:

"This is the time for positive momentum as you come out of a period of restriction. You're in a stage of new adventure and discovery. You may feel compelled to take a trip, change your hair, or move your home or business. Regardless, you can't remain where you are anymore. You feel compelled to go forward. No matter what your inquiry, you will see your dreams take form and doors previously shut begin to open as if by magic.

Movement is also a state of mind, The fog lifts, and you now know the actions you need to take. This isn't the time for fear. Let go and move forward ."

As this pertains to you, here's what I intuitively got for it's meaning....

Wow - it's really happening.

You're about to come into some major opportunities that will shift your life in a really positive way.

You've been working hard and it's been a struggle. You're about the get a push, a wave and it might even feel as if it's coming out of no where.

Ride this wave.

Follow all your gut feelings.

It's a time for saying YES to that thing that comes your way.

Don't be afraid to accept the offer, take the action or celebrate what is rightfully yours now.

You deserve it.

It's happening FOR you. 

And it's just right. 

This is such an exciting month as your plans get the ultimate boost. 

Your Adventurer Mala will help you receive the guidance, accept the push and keep you protected and inspired and super joyous this month.


You will really pick up momentum that will keep going the rest of the year. 

Wear your Adventurer Mala wherever you go and let it's magic support your moves. 

It's YOUR time! 




-Let Magic Happen- 

With Loving Gratitude, 



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