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The Adventurer Mala Lookbook

You never stop exploring & honoring your wild side.

No stone you pass will be left unturned. 

Regardless of the destination, you're in it for the journey.

You. Are. An Adventurer. 


The Limited Edition
Adventurer Mala



Black Onyx Turquoise Mala


 With Black Onyx & Turquoise Beads sprinkled with 14K Gold and a Rainbow Obsidian Pendant, the Adventurer Mala keeps you safe & inspired as you follow your flow. 







She basks in the sunlight any chance she gets 




Always prepared for the journey


 Adventurer Mala Beads



She's drawn to the road less traveled 





Nothing stops her from making her way wherever she wants to go 


Adventurer Mala



In nature is where she feels at home


black and turquoise mala beads 



Mystery calls to her, requesting her presence 





Where will it take you?



Your Adventure Awaits ...



featuring Brianna Rose as model, collaborator & friend <3




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