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October 2017 Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Forecast

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October Intuitive Reading


Here are some insights for the month of October, beautiful soul. 

Think of this as your spiritual forecast <3 

If you are reading this, it's for you! It's what you need to see right now. 

In asking what MyMalas readers need to know for October, before I even got my cards out, I got a message for you!  

The message is: TAKE A MOMENT



Here's it's meaning....

Ok gorgeous being ... I know you're a boss. I see you working hard and being everything for everybody. September was all about getting back to "work, work, work, work, work" but now you've gotta slam the breaks! 

Moving through, non stop is weighing on you.

You're exhausted.

Yet still, you want to take on even more!

And you will. Your dreams are all manifesting at once.

But now there's a really important thing you need to do ... 


Because you've forgotten yourself, your needs, your surroundings.

You haven't taken that much needed time to connect to your higher self, your spirit guides or God.

You haven't slowed down long enough to notice the breeze on your face or the sun warming your skin.

You have't just taken time to have NO WHERE TO GO and NOTHING TO DO.

AND I'm here to tell you that you desperately need it.

You do have more dreams to go after, more projects to conquer, more people to take care of, and probably more laundry to do.

To get ahead ... take a moment.

Spend some time with yourself and only yourself.

Look around. Feel the feels, see the sees, smells the smells.  LISTEN to what your guides are telling you. 

Sit in a bath, meditate, lay on your floor and listen to a song. 

Taking the moment for YOU and nothing else will refuel, recharge and RE-ENERGIZE you as you follow your path. 

It's time this month to make it a practice to take a moment.

Everyday, take that moment. Take a weekend if you can.

Do not deprive yourself any longer. 

Carve out time to just be with your beautiful self and all else will become so much easier, I promise. 

To help you re-connect with your divine soul, your intuition and your guides, I recommend cuddling up with a warm sweater and your TRUE PATH MALA. 

True Path's White Howlite will help you keep calm and open you up to that divine guidance, while Turquoise is your journey stone; your best friend as you go on your path. 




-Let Magic Happen- 

With Loving Gratitude, 



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