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September 2017 Oracle Reading & Spiritual Forecast

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September 2017 Intuitive Forecast


Here are some insights for the month of September, beautiful soul. 

Think of this as your spiritual forecast <3 

If you are reading this, it's for you! It's what you need to see right now. 

In asking what MyMalas readers need to know for September I was called to pull from Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebels Oracle. 

Because this is such a powerful and important month, I took a few days to meditate on this reading for us. 

The card pulled: RECEIVING



Here are a few experts from the Scared Rebel Oracle Guidebook, I felt important to the reading:

"You are so loved, Your every need is witnessed and responded to by the universe. However, you sometimes forget this. You become swept away in the momentum of habitual consciousness, and you forget to take a moment to stop, breath and be. In that moment you can revive the love of the universe that is receiving you. It will nourish you with contentment and energy. 

Energy has been going out of you but there is not enough coming back in. You are being offered a chance for restoration now, to feel nourished, cared for and loved. Accept it! You deserve it.

The healing process below will help you heal any guilt or shame you feel for having needs in the first place. It will also help you overcome any struggle that you have receiving and accepting so your needs can be met.

Say aloud, "I release all false guilt and shame about having needs and all false beliefs doubt rest being wasteful or unnecessary. I accept healthy, productive, sacred rest and the gifts of happiness that it brings. I understand that rest and activity, balance, feed and nourish each other. There is a sacred healing that happens through rest, which is very powerful. I accept and receive this now. Through unconditional love, this is now so." 

As this pertains to you, here's what I intuitively got for it's meaning....

Woah you guys! 

Major month for shifting, grounding your energy, getting back on track and coming back to self. 

As we come out of this last fiery month, we come to a settle-back-in type of  space. It's time to clear your mind and get grounded again. 

Allow all stirred up energies to settle.

Once you get there, it will become easy to allow in the new and well deserved money, compliments, adventures, projects and relationships. 

First, to help get grounded and clear your mind, you may want to get yourself into some nature, do some meditation, yoga or other mindful exercises. Even light a candle and watch it burn. You may also want to start a routine or commit to some consistency. 

Once you feel settled and grounded, which doesn't have to take long at all. You'll want to start to notice everything that comes your way

When something comes, accept it and say thank you.

It's yours, allow it to nourish you. 

Get a compliment? Try not to brush it off and respond with "oh this old thing?"

Someone picks up the bill? Resist the urge to take it back.

Get shown some love and appreciation? Drink it up and say thank you. 

It's all about the accepting and thanking. Be grateful and feel it.

Allow yourself to take it in, let it give you energy and rock your world. 

It's the time for you to fill up and replenish. 

I know this can feel like a struggle to do sometimes, especially for us women, but get used to the feeling as it's really important to balance out your giving and receiving.

This is exactly where the Spiritual Boss Mala came from; the need to remain clear headed, stay grounded and protected but also be able to receive the prosperity and favorable energy making it's way to you.

It helps keep the wrong things out while allowing the right things in. 

You know you're a boss, a rebel, a doer, an action taker ... and this is YOUR month. 

Rock your Spiritual Boss Mala everywhere you go! 

I'm so excited to see what comes your way this month. 




-Let Magic Happen- 

With Loving Gratitude, 



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