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Top 4 Crystals To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy


Top 4 Crystals To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy
Guest Post By the Gorgeous Rebecca Grainger 

We are all made up of trillions of cells transmitting and receiving energy at different vibrations, which causes the universe to respond to the energy it receives by reflecting the same vibration back to us.

Energy flows like water, it changes and shifts adjusting to our internal and external environments. It’s the vibration of the energy that we attribute a feeling to which in turn creates the environment we live in.

For example, when we hold onto negative feelings we are transmitting a low vibrational energy externally, which in turns attracts like for like energy back to us, therefore making an experience feel “bad” or “negative”.

It’s possible to manipulate our own energetic vibration and that of our external world to positively influence our state of being. Energy healing and crystals have the ability affect energy flow and vibration, and are two simple ways to maintain the body's magnetic energy field and to return to our naturally healthy state.

Crystals have metaphysical properties that can influence our personal energy fields, as well as the universal energy field, to create the environment we need to flourish for emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. They can be used for attracting positive energy, cultivating a higher vibration, or releasing and repealing energy away from you.

We live in an increasingly stressful world, so being able to maintain a positive energetic vibration is important. Crystals provide an easy solution to achieve a holistic state of wellbeing, hence why many people carry crystals with them or use them at home and work.

Crystals can neutralize and transmute energetic frequencies to change the energy in your environment, they can repel negative energy away from you, such as negative emotions and thoughts encountered from the people around us, as well as increase positive vibrations to attract abundance to us.

Personally I use crystals all the time so that I benefit from their various properties and to maintain chakra balance for optimal physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing. I have tumbled stones on my desk, by my bed and wear them in jewelry such as mala beads.

Here are 4 of my favorites to diffuse negative energies:


black tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Is known for its ability to positively transform and “cleanse” energy, it’s one of the most powerful protectors against negative energy from others, repelling negative energy away from you, back to the sender.

It removes energy blocks, such as anxiety, fear and stress. Use Black Tourmaline to activate the base (root) chakra.




Is known as a powerful stone for healing with the ability to protect against negative energies. It is the stone of wholeness and truth aiding in the communication and manifesting of those qualities, hence it is associated with the throat chakra. It’s said to bring the wearer good luck, fortune and peace. It is a protective stone and effective healer so ideal to wear for increased life force and overall wellbeing.

Turquoise is a powerful crystal that releases old beliefs, negativity and regrets by encouraging self-forgiveness, to allow the soul to express its true self. It teaches the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness, and brings about serenity and peace.

Found in the TRUE PATH MALA


Black Onyx
Black Onyx

Is the stone of inner strength and physical strength, engendering confidence and power as well as enhancing mental ability, memory and attention. It’s known to absorb and block negative energy, so keep it close to you or wear it so that lower energies are drawn to the stone, rather than to you.

It’s ideal for base (root) chakra support because onyx has a good grounding influence, and when combined with meditation it calms nervousness, reduces anxiety and excessive energies. It’s a stone for protection, vitality, willpower, persistence and learning. Onyx also supports the solar plexus and third eye chakra.




Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Is known as the love stone and supports the heart chakra. A powerful stone of unconditional love, infinite peace, compassion and joy, it gently removes negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations. Rose quartz teaches you to love yourself and encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.

It’s the most important stone for healing the heart. If you have loved and lost, it comforts you in grief and is ideal in trauma or crisis, providing reassurance and a sense of calm. Place by your bed or wear it to draw love towards you or support an existing relationship or marriage by restoring trust and harmony. It is also considered a good crystal for self-worth, money and wealth.


Use these crystal suggestions to raise your energetic vibration and protect your energy from negative people and environments. 


For more advice on using crystals in meditation and healing for optimal wellbeing, download my FREE Quick Guide To Balancing Your Chakras Using Crystals


Rebecca GraingerRebecca Grainger is a holistic life coach, career mentor and Reiki master for mums, supporting successful women transition to motherhood and working mums transition back into the workforce. The combination of healing and coaching is powerful and transformative, because by removing blocks and coming into alignment you achieve greater success and wellbeing.

She is passionate about empowering and inspiring women to find connection, fulfillment, happiness and balance in motherhood so they can thrive, because your vibe affects your tribe. Her mission is to positively impact the lives of one million mums across the world providing support and inspiration in her private free Facebook group, Positive Mama Sisterhood.

Services include individual coaching and healing sessions as well as the CareerMama private mentorship and SoulMama online program. She can be found blogging at, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and Selfish Mother

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  • LALA on

    Hey Gloria, Try the Spiritual Boss or the Peace & Prosper Mala -they provide protection for you as well as bring in the prosperity all at the same time!


  • Gloria Ortiz on

    Hi Rebecca, loved your article❤ I want to know your suggestion, how do I protect my self at work? I trugly feel that my soul wants to change jobs and I’m so ready for a change. I want to leave my job when I find another one. But in the mean time, how do I protect my self at work- like I said I want to leave when I find another , but right now I want to feel protected from negative energy and find another job and embrace change! Thank you?

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