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Your Intuitive Angel Card Reading for May 2017~

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May 2017 Intuitive Angel Cards Reading

Here are some insights for the month of May, beautiful soul.

If you are reading this, it's for you! It's what you need to see right now.

In asking what MyMalas readers need to know for May and what kind of forecast they can expect, I felt called to pull from 2 decks today!

I pulled a card from Doreen Virtue's Guardian Angel Tarot Cards and one from Doreen Virtue's Angel Answers Oracle Cards. 

I got the feeling that there would be some decision making going on this month which led me to the Angel Answers. 

So here are the messages I received: 

May is about peace and resolution and bringing in the new!


The cards pulled: SIX OF THOUGHT & LET GO 

 May Cards

The Six of Thought says: 

"Peaceful times are on the horizon! The storms have passed, and now you can see that your destination is within sight. The stress in your life will begin to fade away, allowing for happier times. It may be necessary to take a journey over water or to another country." 

The Let Go card says:

"The time has come to let go of this situation. Stop focusing on how or when it will be solved or even why it occurred. Relationships that are unhealthy or unfulfilling should be released in order to allow for something better to come along. Don't worry - God and your angels have everything under control. A key aspect to manifesting your desires is to ask for what you want and release it. Make a wish then leave the rest to your angels" 

As this pertains to you all, here's what I intuitively got for it's meaning....

Okay ... so April ... woah! Did you feel it too?

A lot went on, a lot was stirred up, opportunity arose and so did questions!

May brings the peace and settlement and resolutions you are hoping for right now. This is a time to be in a state of allowing. What does that mean? Allowing is letting things unfold without trying to force situations. Our motto - Let Magic Happen - is all about doing just that. 

So it's time to make your wishes! Manifest your desires. Set them and consider them done! The universe will conspire to set you up nicely this month if you ask for the right things. 

More hope, positivity and newness are coming. Just allow for them to enter. 

In regards to water or journeying, I believe that will contribute to your state of flow, where things just move in a beautiful harmony for you! I know I will be out on that water this month - pics will be on Instagram :)

The Love Bomb Mala is where it's at this month! 

First, the gorgeous Rose Quartz crystals are my absolute favorite manifesting stone. It helps to ATTRACT what you want right to you! Just set your intentions and let it's work magic to bring in the newness you need. 

It's also so good for self-love, self-acceptance and healing relationships all around you. 

Learn more about LOVE BOMB MALA

With loving gratitude. 

-Let Magic Happen-


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