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Gemstone Mala Beads

Calling all go-getters, doers, dreamers, spiritual-badasses and modern trendsetters.
You've got the world at your fingertips and a prayer in your heart.

The truly fabulous & successful all have some sort of spiritual practice, rituals or special ways of manifesting their soul's desires. MyMalas by LALA is your secret weapon. 108 semi-precious gemstone beads, hand knotted, with luxurious silk tassels can be your sexiest & greatest manifesting tool.  

Each MyMalas by LALA necklace is made with powerful intentions for the wearer. The energy of the stones we use will help you create feelings, desires, protect you and guide you on your journey as you make it happen. Mala Beads are traditionally used for meditation, prayer and mindfulness. We named ours MyMalas, as we want them to be yours to bring meaning to. We want MyMalas to help you remember the MAGIC of life. 

Which mala necklace is right for you? 
The easiest way to choose is to ask yourself: which am I drawn to?
The sacred piece meant for you will pull you right in.

LALA is Laura Allahverdi - intuitive life coach, mindset strategist, biz badass and designer of MyMalas. She felt called to create beautiful jewelry as a reminder to set your intentions, stay in the right mindset and help you manifest your deepest desires, feelings and lifestyle.

Falling in love with the magic and mystery of the Mala beads as the perfect way to wear energetically powered crystals, she  created and specially designed these original pieces for the strong, powerful, modern and spiritually chic to adorn themselves with.

Laura Allahverdi - Mala Beads by LALA
Her motto: Let Magic Happen. 

Located in New York, Long Island, LALA is inspired by the expansive stretches of beaches to the sexy street style of the city, mixing them together in a spiritual cocktail of meaningful, intention-based living. 

What you focus on grows, and these sacred pieces will help you keep focused on your desires. 


MyMalas can be worn by anyone who wishes to live awakened, receive guidance, manifest dreams and stay modern and chic. You can use them however you feel called to.


Mala beads can be used for prayer or meditation by holding each of the 108 beads one at time to count as a mantra is recited. Mala beads can be brought to your yoga mat to enhance your practice. Mala beads can just be worn as a reminder of your intention. Or they can simply be held in your hands. No matter what you do, the powerful energy of the semi-precious gemstones used in these pieces will work their magic with the wearer's trust. 

Before finding their way to YOU, each My Malas by LALA piece is
cleansed, Reiki-enhanced, blessed and ready for your intention.

When you receive your Mala, simply hold between the palms of your hands, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine what you want for yourself. MyMalas will be infused with your energy as you wear them. Wear your malas daily, to the beach, your big meeting, or your brunch. With it's chic style, they are well suited for any occasion.


Premium Gemstone Malas are are hand-knotted in the USA.
Due to the natural healing stones and handmade nature, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.  

Handmade Mala Beads


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