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What are Malas?

Mala Beads Rose quartz

Magical, mystical Mala beads have been around for centuries. They are a set of 108 beads used for meditation, prayer, mindfulness and setting intentions. 

Mala means "garland" in Sanskrit. These beautiful beads have many variations and can be used in numerous ways. We hand hand craft and design each piece for the modern & chic. 


Who Wears Malas?

We love that malas are trending. Most fabulous, powerful and successful badasses have some sort of spiritual practice to help them get where they are. We want Mala beads to be your secret weapon! We've seen them on many celebrities lately and love when we find them on actors and actresses on TV and in movies!

You don't need to be a religious-bohemian-hipster-yogi to wear malas, and if you are - that's freaking awesome! We love the word spiritual, as it just means you believe in something that affects your spirit and soul. My Malas can be worn by anyone who wishes to live awakened, receive guidance and manifest dreams and stay modern and chic. Mala Beads can serve you in meditation, shift your energy with power of the crystals, or just be a tangible reminder of your intention. They are yours to give meaning to. You can't do it wrong. 

Choosing your Mala 

Most likely you will find yourself drawn to a specific Mala, maybe even more than one. Your intuition will guide you to the perfect mala for you. You may find yourself attracted to a certain color or a certain meaning. We believe that when you are somehow attracted to a mala or stone, you are meant to have it and you will find its meaning is exactly what you need. If you want some extra help with this, take our QUIZ 

Setting Intentions 

Set your intention, show up as the person you want to be and get guidance on your path. You infuse your mala beads with your own energy as you wear it. When you receive your malas, center yourself and lightly press the malas between your palms. Take a deep breath and visualize your ideal life.  Set your intention. What do you want to create? How do you want to show up in the world? How do you want to feel?

**Please note that spiritual meanings are always open to interpretation**
MyMalas are really yours to give meaning to <3 

The Meaning of 108

MyMalas are made with 108 beads on each mala plus one "guru" bead.

108 is said to be a very spiritual and abundant number and has numerous meanings such as a representation of the entire universe. Our malas are handmade and knotted between each bead. 

The tassel is said to represent enlightenment and grounding. 

You can use the Mala to chant mantras while holding each bead to keep count during your meditative practice. 


A mantra—Sanskrit for sound, syllable, word or group of words—is a personal “motto” of sorts that is repeated during meditation to help create focus and self-transformation. When repeating a personal mantra, the meditator can calm the mind to allow deeper levels of relaxation and awareness. The guru bead is also referred to as mother bead, meru bead or mountain bead and is said to represent the universal force within you. If you are using the mala to count as you recite mantras, you will hold each bead between your thumb and middle finger pulling it toward you. Once you reach the guru bead, you reverse and go back the other way. It is not meant to be crossed. 

Semi-precious Gemstones 

We use authentic, natural semi-precious stones with powerful healing & energetic properties in our malas to help you manifest, heal and co-create your reality. Each MyMalas is carefully designed with the wearer in mind as powerfully energetic stone combinations are chosen. 

Caring for your Malas

MyMalas are very sacred pieces and should be treated as you would anything you truly care for. If your tassel gets messed up, simply use a little water to reshape it. 

It is said if your malas break that they have finished serving their purpose in your life. Don't worry, because they are hand-knotted between each bead, you will not lose your crystals.

Gemstones can be cleansed. You can energetically cleanse your stones the same way you would cleanse any of your crystals. We like to avoid water to preserve the silk thread. Our favorite way to cleanse MyMalas is to leave them in sunlight or moonlight overnight. 


MyMalas are cleansed, blessed by LALA herself,
and sent to their new home ready to receive your intentions and energy.