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Love & Attraction Mala


All things begin with love. Whether you seek a deeper love for yourself, want to attract "the ONE," or simply desire to call more love into your life, the Love & Attraction Mala will help you magnetize love to you in all ways like the gorgeous Aphrodite YOU are. 

Rose Quartz (light pink stone) is known for carrying a divine loving energy. This "love stone" is powerful. Believed to be able to dissolve emotional wounds as well as deep seated fears and resentments, rose quartz can help you develop a deep sense of personal fulfillment and self worth, allowing for the capacity to give and receive love. As you wear your beads, your heart chakra will open and awaken, further enhancing that loving experience like you've never known before.

Zebra Jasper can fill your heart, body and spirit with infinite love and energy. It can help you connect with the Divine and feel powerfully clear of any illusions. With this protection, your guard can come down, allowing you to tap into deep love within yourself and within others, lighting up all elements of your life.

This gorgeous necklace features:

  • Rose quartz Mala bead necklace 
  • 108 beads hand-knotted between each bead
  • Genuine semi-precious 6mm gemstones
  • 8mm Zebra Jasper Guru bead
  • Luxurious handmade silk tassel
  • Can be used for meditation and/or for the power of the healing crystals
  • Reminder of your intentions
  • Handmade in New York
  • Length hangs approx. 19in

*Due the handmade nature and natural stones used, product may vary slightly as each piece is genuinely unique and blessed by LALA herself, here in the US.

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