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Peace & Prosper Mala


You seek that inner calm feeling of serenity as you go after your goals and create fortune with ease. The Peace & Prosper Mala gives you the peace & prosperity to remain level-headed as you create your life as you truly desire. 

White Howlite promotes calmness and self awareness. As you wear them, you'll be more open to receiving the wisdom you need. When you begin to listen to the signs of the Universe you'll notice that you're no longer suffering from past self-criticisms; you will be able to hear your true self come through telling you what you need to know. You can blissfully detach yourself from past baggage and find that you feel free to show up fully in the world as yourself, clear on your goals and ambitions, and completely at peace.

Gold Pyrite can fire you up. The energy produced by this stone can generate wealth in your life. Your bold and spirited moves will always be protected and your positive energy will always be high. Gold Pyrite can bring favorable energy to your business, leading you to a continuous manifestation of good fortune.

This positively energizing necklace features:

  • White Howlite & Gold Pyrite Mala bead necklace 
  • 108 beads hand-knotted between each bead
  • Genuine semi-precious 6mm gemstones
  • One extra Guru bead for thanks
  • Luxurious handmade silk tassel
  • Can be used for meditation and/or for the power of the healing crystals
  • A reminder of your intentions
  • Handmade in New York
  • Length hangs approx. 19in

*Due the handmade nature and natural stones used, product may vary slightly as each piece is genuinely unique and blessed by LALA herself, here in the US. 

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